The Holy Land

“Let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an everflowing stream.” (Amos 5:24) On this trip we met with Israeli peace and justice workers. We met with Palestinian peace and justice workers. We listened to female and male perspectives and life experiences. We met with many people representing various Israeli and Palestinian organizations involved in cross-cultural and interfaith work. It was an inspiring trip! What I learned is that the Israeli-Palestinian situation is much more complex than what we hear in the news. Our visits with Israelis and Palestinians all shared a hope for the future and a hope for peace in the Holy Land. The knowledge and deeper understanding that I have come away with about the Israeli-Palestinian struggles because of this trip is priceless. Everyone should visit the Holy Land to see and hear the current struggles. As I will attest, while on this trip, I always felt safe.

What would a trip to the Holy Land be without a good mud manicure in the Dead Sea? Perhaps a cleaner one, but probably less fun! Thanks for reading about our trip! I hope you will consider traveling with LSTC to learn about ancient sites and current struggles in the Holy Land in the future. It is a trip of a lifetime!


  1. Very nice article Monica, excellent pictures. Really enjoyed it.
    Alpena girls

  2. Monica, a really fine summary/reflection on our trip. Thanks for your careful work.
    Judy Bailey

  3. Monica, What an amazing experience you have been afforded! Thank you for sharing

  4. Monica,
    You have captured so many aspects of our journey together! Thanks so much for all the great stories, descriptions, and pictures. What a pleasure to travel and learn with you and the other members of the travel seminar!
    Esther Menn